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A Brief and Useful Discussion on Outdoor Lighting Installation

outdoor lighting

When it comes to illuminating an outdoor space in your property the first thing that you should decide is the type of lighting you want. A large number of options in outdoor lighting fixtures is readily available any time and your options include the following –

In the next step, you must decide where the lights will be installed. For example, you may want the external lights on the exterior of your home or commercial premises; you may want to light up a garden, a walkway, or any other outdoor space. It is important to note that the weather conditions in your area are also a deciding factor in the placement of your outdoor lights.

In the next step, you should consider whether to use halogen, solar-powered lights, or LED. Compared to both solar-powered lights and halogens, LEDs are not only more energy efficient and save you money on utility bills every month but also have a much longer lifespan. On the downside, the range of lights can be costlier than the other options up front. Halogen lights are more reasonably priced compared to LEDs but are also much less energy efficient. Solar-powered lights – on the other hand – are most energy efficient but these do not provide as much light as the other alternatives.

Different types of outdoor lighting

In this section of the blog post let us discuss different types of lighting options that are available for outdoors.

When you are choosing lighting to deck up a landscape you must consider the wattage of the bulbs. This helps ensure the lighting that you choose does not overwhelm the area that you intend to capture the focus on. Here is a practical example to push the matter further – you will find most garden lighting to range from 2 to 3 watts whereas path lights typically come between 6 and 8 watts.

When outdoor lighting installation is concerned you should know that usually decorative lighting fixtures come with light covers over the bulb. This is done to prevent glare although it also facilitates more even dispersion of the light. These covers are available in a large range of colors, sizes, and shapes which in other words means it is highly likely to find the variety that complements your outdoor space.

Installing outdoor lighting – how professionals do it

It is important to install outdoor lights in the proper way and for that you must hire trained and qualified electricians. Improperly or incorrectly installed outdoor lights are usually not very effective and along with that the safety aspect also comes into play. How do electricians properly install outdoor lights? This is an interesting question in itself admits a qualified electrician for outdoor lighting based in London.

First the professional will come and visit the site to assess its layout. Based on the assessment the professional determines the ideal locations for installation of the light fixtures. Once the plan becomes foolproof and final, they start running the wires and installing the fixtures. There are two popular methods of installing outdoor lighting, namely direct burial and surface mounted. Most probably your electrician will select any of the two approaches.

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